The Company

Delta Presse

Active since 2001, Delta Presse S.R.L. is a trading company that works in the management and production of forged and cast parts manufactured by our partners.

We consider ourselves marketing leaders in Italy and are aware that the method we use to manage the supply chain is unique of its kind.  Enabling our customers to simplify their management and logistics and giving them a significant economic advantage.

The company was set up in 2001 after many years’ experience and an important background in the production of components. Our activities have expanded with the passing of time and whereas we once catered for a purely national market, we now have a global supply network that has significantly expanded our reference market and procurement opportunities.

Our network is rooted mainly in Europe and Asia. We are also partners of ICI MACHINING CO. LTD.

We establish a strong relationship of mutual trust with our customers, constructing projects together by sharing objectives, procedures and research paths.

Our products are successful because they are generated by this act of sharing and express the highest quality levels.




Figures updated to 2019


What we do and how we do it